What We Do Best?

International Best Practices

Drawing upon our extensive experience with companies from diverse cultures, we build our international best practices by utilise our cross-border and cross-cultural expertise. Our firsthand experiences within Germany, China, and Indonesia further augment our ability to provide optimal solutions tailored to your business needs.

Local Wisdom

Our approach in consulting involves implementing international best practices to what works in the Indonesian context, utilizing our deep understanding of Indonesia as a culture. We believe in the value of local wisdom and strive to find what works best in each unique context.

Scientific Approaches

Our consulting approach is rooted in a scientific and academic perspective, emphasizing the application of psychological principles. Dr. Hora Tjitra, a professor of applied psychology at a world-prominent university, guides our psychology-based management consulting efforts.

Tjitra Learning Technology

Our Approach

Actio leads in strategic learning design, driving tangible results in leadership development. We offer hands-on experiences through carefully curated both top down and bottom up projects, assignment based exercises in workshops, creating an immersive learning environment that promotes growth.

Eleva represents a revolutionary approach to learning, blending varied methodologies including YouTube, online learning platforms, hybrid learning models, and traditional in-person instruction to deliver impactful, cost-effective educational solutions.

Inspire, our learning design which incorporates inspiring speakers and immersion visits, offering leaders an opportunity to gain practical insights and experience. Through mentorship, sponsorship, coaching, and peer interactions, we aim to inspire and equip leaders to discover their 'why' and drive their teams towards success.

Tjitra Training Method


Behind it All

Tjitra & associates, as a consulting firm, thrives on a multitude of supporting factors, both internally and externally.

Internally, our stronghold lies in our learning and development division, the Insight Web Academy. This platform hosts a diverse array of learning products encompassing various themes such as SinaU (self-development courses), Rekabaru (Innovation strategies in organizations), Gawe (Future of Work), and Budaya. Through the support of Insight Web Academy, Tjitra & associates possesses ample resources to address a wide spectrum of topics and themes essential to our customers.

Externally, we collaborate with distinguished entities like Bob Aubrey associates, led by Bob Aubrey himself, a consultant recognized for his pivotal role in fostering individual development within corporations. Bob Aubrey stands as the inaugural certificant in personal development programs for business schools and the first executive mentor certified for companies.

This synergy between our internal and external collaborations propels Tjitra & associates to stand as a leading and trusted consulting entity in Indonesia, serving over 50 clients regionally, nationally, and internationally until right now.

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