What We Do Best?

International Best Practices

Dr. Hora Tjitra, a consultant and trainer, has had a remarkable journey in his career. It all started in Germany, as an independent trainer guiding German entrepreneurs who wanted to explore business in Asia. However, his career journey didn’t stop there. He landed a professional consulting position at PWC with a focus on personal and organizational development. Later, his journey took him to China, where he joined Zhejiang University as a Professor of Applied Psychology. There, he was involved in projects with SAP Labs China and held key positions as Associate Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Mobley Group, while working at RHR International. All these experiences became an important foundation for his decision to establish a consulting business called Tjitra & associates. Tjitra & associates is not just another consulting firm. They have an extensive international network and deep experience in personal and organizational development on the global stage.


Local Wisdom

In addition to having a broad international scope, Tjitra & associates also promotes values that are closely linked to the richness of local culture. This allows our training methods and development strategies to be in line with Indonesian culture and customs. By integrating this local wisdom, we aim to ensure that the learning gained from the training process can be relevantly applied to solve problems that arise in the organizational environment. By integrating local wisdom into the training process, we aim to create a more holistic and meaningful learning environment for the participants.

Scientific Approaches

Tjitra & associates distinguishes itself from other consultants by having a strong and deep academic foundation. We believe that excellence in consulting comes not only from field experience, but also from a deep understanding that rests on proven knowledge. Therefore, every solution and recommendation we offer is not only based on best practices, but has also been tested and supported by a strong scientific foundation from various relevant studies. Thus, we are able to provide up-to-date, effective, and innovative consulting services to our clients.

Tjitra Learning Technology

Our Approach

Actio is a term for learning programs that emphasize action, train learners through hands-on experience to improve skills and competencies in real life.

ELEVA is an integrated virtual learning ecosystem that provides various learning platforms according to a structured learning scheme.

Inspire integrates various learning methods, such as guest speakers, best practices, case studies, and company and museum visits. These methods aim to provide learners with a diverse and holistic learning experience.

Tjitra Training Method


Behind it All

Tjitra & associates, as a consulting firm, thrives on a multitude of supporting factors, both internally and externally.

Internally, our stronghold lies in our learning and development division, the Insight Web Academy. This platform hosts a diverse array of learning products encompassing various themes such as SinaU (self-development courses), Rekabaru (Innovation strategies in organizations), Gawe (Future of Work), and Budaya. Through the support of Insight Web Academy, Tjitra & associates possesses ample resources to address a wide spectrum of topics and themes essential to our customers.

Externally, we collaborate with distinguished entities like Bob Aubrey associates, led by Bob Aubrey himself, a consultant recognized for his pivotal role in fostering individual development within corporations. Bob Aubrey stands as the inaugural certificant in personal development programs for business schools and the first executive mentor certified for companies.

This synergy between our internal and external collaborations propels Tjitra & associates to stand as a leading and trusted consulting entity in Indonesia, serving over 50 clients regionally, nationally, and internationally until right now.

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