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15 years of quality work

Since 1997, Hora Tjitra and his seasoned team have build international portfolio managing global, regional, and national projects across more than 15 countries. They have collaborated with prominent business leaders from Asia & Europe, earning a reputation for excellence.

Tjitra & associates – a boutique management consultancy, is strategically headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. While our global reach once extended to offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong, we have recentered our focus on the vibrant and dynamic Indonesian market, reinforcing our commitment to delivering localized solutions.

Our Purpose & Perspective

Our Mission

Sustainable Excellence
We work closely with our clients to synergize resources that enable organizations to improve performance and achieve sustainable gains.

Facilitating Talent
We facilitate talents to unleash and utilize their full potential.

Measurable Impact
We build partnerships that attract and challenge passionate people to deliver measurable impact in everything they do.

Our Vision

We aim to be TRUSTED ADVISOR & Partner in CULTURE, TALENT, and CHANGE that integrate International Best practices, Scientific Approaches, and Local Wisdom.



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Consultant Team

Our History

Our story originates from a bold dream: to empower Indonesia through the strength of its people. We stand firm in our belief that a robust human resource is the key to illuminating the path to a prosperous future for Indonesia.

In 2012, our journey began in a humble rented apartment, armed with nothing but unyielding determination and a shared vision. Today, our dream has materialized into a powerful team of experienced and dedicated psychologists and strategists, each bringing their unique expertise to the field of Human Resources. Our commitment to delivering impactful results has never wavered, and we continue to strive towards aiding organizations in achieving sustained excellence.

Our rich knowledge base is fortified by over 18 years of comprehensive research on Culture, Talent, and Change. We’ve delved deep into understanding the intricate ways in which these elements influence an organization’s performance. This profound understanding enables us to craft solutions that are not just effective but also perfectly tailored to your needs.



The Start – Initially registered as PT Tjitra Selaras Sampoerno, we later partnered with Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute. Our work involved interviewing business leaders from Indonesia, Singapore, and China. Using a grounded theory approach, we developed a leadership model for Indonesia’s top international leaders, which we shared with academics and business professionals.

The Pioneer – We built a pioneering team that collaborates with key clients on organizational transformation projects. We also inaugurated the Global Indonesian Network (GI-Net), a dialog platform between academics and business practitioners for Indonesian talent on a global scale. “Pemimpin dan Perubahan” is GI-Net’s mastermind program that emphasizes change leadership models in Indonesia, drawing on interviews with prominent business leaders who have successfully made major changes.

The Kick – Off – We’ve broadened our services to include State-Owned Enterprises, multinational corporations, and family businesses. Our growth is centered on organizational transformation and talent enhancement with premier clients. Besides serving existing clients, we’ve launched initiatives to bolster our corporate image and consultancy capabilities. Our book, “Local Wisdom for Global Excellence: New Indonesian Horizons in the Global Era,” presents a study on 7 standards of Indonesian culture through a study of Indonesian culture, worker behavior, and leaders. The book illustrates how these characteristics interact with each other when working in cross-cultural teams.

The Rejuvenation – We reinforce our bedrock through the rejuvenation of our Vision, Mission, and Values (ViMiVa). Our project portfolio was enhanced with an emphasis on leadership development and the exploration of learning cultures. This enables companies to consolidate resources for performance enhancement and sustainable excellence.

The Growth – We’ve diligently developed a scalable leadership program for a major Indonesian state-owned enterprise, in collaboration with HR expert, Bob Aubrey. We introduced a fresh concept for future leaders and released a book, “Be Global: Kiat Sukses Berkompetisi Global”. The publication, a result of an 18-year study, shares success stories and lessons from leaders who have excelled in cross-cultural careers, highlighting individual traits, mindsets, and vital global competencies.

The Milestone – Insight Web Academy is a technology-based learning company and a sister company of Tjitra & associates. We leverage the power of knowledge and technology to deliver high-quality learning experiences as trusted partner in learning & growth