Tjitra & associates is a management consultancy founded by Dr. Tjitra
with offices in Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Hangzhou.

Since 1998, Dr. Tjitra and his team have build international track record in
managing project at the global, regional and national level in 15+ different
countries with business leaders from Asia, Europe & US.


We work with our clients to synergize resources that enable organizations to improve performance and achieve sustainable advantage

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Sustainable Advantage

We facilitate talent to unleash and utilize their maximum potential

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Facilitate Talent

We build a partnership based firm that attracts and challenges passionate people who are about making measurable impact in all they do

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Measurable Impact


We aim to be the Trusted Advisor & Partner in Culture, Talent and Change that integrate:

Best Practices





  • Subject Mastery
  • Personal Growth
  • Drive to Learn


  • Excellent Service
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Customer Relationship


  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity


  • Sharing
  • Kedekatan
  • Togetherness

Management Team

Dr.-Phil. Hora Tjitra
Founder & Managing Partner

Dr. Tjitra is an entrepreneur, strategist, and psychologist with a well-proven track record across boundaries. He has a Dr.-Phil in cross-cultural psychology and strategic management from Regensburg University (Germany) as well as Certification in Strategic Management from McKinsey&Co (Italy/Germany) and HR Management from INSEAD (Singapore/France).

He used to live and work in Germany for fourteen years and was responsible for global diversity as well as Asian business and management development practices of leading HR consulting companies in Germany. At the age of 34, he was appointed as Associate Professor for Applied Psychology at one of the most prestigious university in Asia – Zhejiang University, China. He stayed there for nine years before establishing Tjitra & associates Indonesia in 2012. Since 2014, he lived in Indonesia and China.

He had performed international management consultancy with well-known global players from different industries, becoming an advisor, coach, and trainer for senior business leaders in more than 40 countries. His working areas are focused on strategic change, organizational transformation, intercultural management as well as leadership development. In addition to his consultancy and academic works, he is an invited keynote speaker in international conferences and events in Asia and Europe.

His core competence is in establishing international businesses, designing effective organization, creating a high-performance culture and developing top talents, based on the analytical approach, theoretical framework, and international best practices.

Kristina Aryanti is a professional psychologist with extensive consulting experiences in the area of Talent Assessment, Development & Organizational Development. She is a seasoned project manager who reports directly to client’ project owners and Directors.

Graduated as Industrial / Organizational Psychologist from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, she had involved in various projects across industries – national and international, including leadership development, organizational design, organizational alignment analysis & learning culture research, job and competency analysis, as well as training modules development and conduction.

Before working as a consultant, she had intensive experience as a professional recruiter for one leading healthcare company in Indonesia. Her work focuses on the full cycle of recruitment process, including recruitment planning, process design, marketing and branding, talent retrieval and screening, psychological assessment conduction, interview, and on-boarding.

Work in the consulting field enables her to leverage expertise with higher-level knowledge, which at the end shapes her way of thinking and challenged her to pinpoint the match between what she can do best and what she like to do.

Kristina Aryanti, M.Psi., Psikolog
Principal Consultant
Anita Retnowati, AMd
Head of Operation

Anita Retnowati joined Tjitra & associates as an experienced hired. With working background in Accounting, she supports whole company operation as well as act as partner of consultants as HR practitioner.


The journey is started with a dream, on developing a strong Indonesian Human Capital. In Indonesia, our story begins in 2012, as we were confident in the healthy economic growth and prosperous society of Indonesia. We started in a small rented apartment with a core group of people who believe in the potential of Indonesian Talents to be global.

A team of psychologist and strategist are dedicated to delivering measurable impact, by identifying and synergizing resources that will improve the organization’s performance and enable them to achieve sustainable advantage, supported by over 18 years comprehensive research on Culture, Talent and Change.



The company was registered as PT Tjitra Selaras Sampoerno Partnering with Human Capital Leadership Institute, Singapore, we interviewed numbers of business leaders from Indonesia, Singapore, and China along with their co-workers who came from different nationalities. We analyzed the result with a Grounded Theory approach, to instigate a model of the leadership development of Indonesian top talent in an international context. The findings were communicated to academician as well as business practitioners which relate it to their organization context


We built the team of pioneers, synergized with the first rows of clients on organization transformation projects, and inaugurate Global Indonesian Network (GI - Net), a platform of dialogue between the academic world and business practices of Indonesian Talents on Global Context. "Pemimpin & Perubahan" was the first mastermind of the GI - Net founder, which emphasis the model of change leadership in Indonesian context, as a result of interview with Indonesian well-known business leader in successfully leading large scale change


We leveraged our portfolio to clients from State-Owned Enterprises as an addition on multinational companies and family businesses. As we progressing on business growth with well - known clients in core themes on organization transformation and talent development, we also launched a series of internal projects aiming corporate branding as well as consultant capacity building. The second book, "Kearifan Lokal Keunggulan Global: Cakrawala Indonesia Baru dalam Era Global", put emphasis on 7 Indonesian culture standard - an indigenous research on the culture and behaviors of Indonesian workers and leaders, and how these characteristics interplay when Indonesians work in cross-cultural teams


We strengthen our backbone by reawaken our Vision Mission and Values (ViMiVa), a series of guarding principles that illuminate our journey. Our project portfolio deepen with core themes on leadership development and learning culture study, helping companies to synergize resources that enable them to improve performance and achieve sustainable advantage


We move forward with bigger responsibilities on our shoulders, as we work hand by hand to curate an acceleration on a scalable leadership development program for one of the biggest SOE in Indonesia. We partnered with Bob Aubrey, thought leader on human development to pioneering the concept on aspiration for the future leader. "Be Global: Kiat Sukses Berkompetisi Global" was the third initiative on publicating the 18+ years of comprehensive research on Global Indonesians. This book illustrates the success stories as well as lessons learned from business leaders building their cross-culture career. “Be Global” goes to the individual level, it's about having a global mindset and competencies