Excellence Through
Culture, Talent,
& Change


Years & Counting

Since 1997, Hora Tjitra and his team have build international track records in managing project at the global, regional and national level in 15+ different countries with business leaders from Asia & Europe.

Tjitra & associates is a management consultancy headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, had offices in three countries, namely Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong for several years. However, we are now only based in Jakarta to focus on the Indonesian market.

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Our Clients

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2014 - Present
2004 - 2023
2014 - 2023
2004 - 2020
1997 - 2014
1997 - 2014

International Best Practices

Hora Tjitra, a consultant and trainer, has had a remarkable journey in his career. It all started in Germany, as an independent trainer guiding German entrepreneurs who wanted to explore business in Asia.

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Local Wisdom

In addition to having a broad international scope, Tjitra & associates also promotes values that are closely linked to the richness of local culture. This allows our training methods and development strategies to be in line with Indonesian culture and customs.

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Scientific Approaches

Tjitra & associates distinguishes itself from other consultants by having a strong and deep academic foundation. We believe that excellence in consulting comes not only from field experience, but also from a deep understanding that rests on proven knowledge.

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CHANGE is the business survival,
CULTURE is the market differentiator,
and TALENT is the competitive advantage.


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