Excellence Through
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Years & Counting

Since 1997, Hora Tjitra and his seasoned team have build international portfolio managing global, regional, and national projects across more than 15 countries. They have collaborated with prominent business leaders from Asia & Europe, earning a reputation for excellence.

Tjitra & associates – a boutique management consultancy, is strategically headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. While our global reach once extended to offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong, we have recentered our focus on the vibrant and dynamic Indonesian market, reinforcing our commitment to delivering localized solutions.

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Our Clients

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International Best Practices

Drawing upon our extensive experience with companies from diverse cultures, we build our international best practices by utilise our cross-border and cross-cultural expertise. Our firsthand experiences within Germany, China, and Indonesia further augment our ability to provide optimal solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Local Wisdom

Our approach in consulting involves implementing international best practices to what works in the Indonesian context, utilizing our deep understanding of Indonesia as a culture. We believe in the value of local wisdom and strive to find what works best in each unique context.

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Scientific Approaches

Our consulting approach is rooted in a scientific and academic perspective, emphasizing the application of psychological principles. Dr. Hora Tjitra, a professor of applied psychology at a world-prominent university, guides our psychology-based management consulting efforts.

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CHANGE is the business survival,
CULTURE is the market differentiator,
and TALENT is the competitive advantage.


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