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[WEBINAR] Gawe 4.0 – Special Edition “The Future of Social Enterprise”

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Entrepreneurship is usually equated merely with financial gain of the business initiator. However, in the coming years of turmoil and uncertainty accentuated by the pandemic, is it the only thing that matters?

Meet Goris Mustaqim, our young entrepreneur and who is internationally recognized for his constant contribution for community development in Indonesia. Starting up as one of early generation of start-up entrepreneur, Goris decided to avail entrepreneurship as powerful instrument to sustain community development. He became the President and Founder of Asgar Muda Foundation, a youth led social enterprise concerned with youth education, community development, as well as youth entrepreneurship in his hometown, Garut. For his contribution, he was awarded 30 Best Young Entrepreneurs by Business Week Magazine, Service Award at Global Peace Festival Convention, Equity Fellowship by Atlantic Foundation and China Medical Board 2019 and invited as speaker in Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, hosted by Barrack Obama.

To enlarge the impacts of his service, Goris established Semut Nusantara Consulting, consultancy firm specialized in community development, notably CSR design, community based enterprise technical support, and impact measurement.

Goris is going to join us next Saturday and share how to integrate an effective business model with social initiative, especially in response to future challenges.

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