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[WEBINAR] GI NET – Bridging Theory and Practice through Dialogue

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Over 18 years of research, 3 Intercultural Experts in Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Phil Hana Panggabean, Dr. Phil Juliana Murniati, and Dr. Phil Hora Tjitra, build a community named Global Indonesian Network (GI-Net) in order to develop Indonesian resources more comprehensively in 2012. Based on their spirit to share and develop Indonesians to have global competence, GI-Net was born as open and interactive forum discussion between academics and business practices which routinely hold sharing discussions under the theme of global leadership, intercultural competence, change management, etc, involved people who take an active role in Indonesian-international working environment.

Now after 8 years of GI-Net’s journey, the founders are going to look back on their journey all the way to the initial motivation in building GI-Net. Moderated by Yohanes Eko Adi Prasetyanto, S.Si, Vice Rector for Research and Collaboration at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, the founders are going to discuss more about the process of forming the GI-Net, how they integrate academic and business world to create an actively engaged community under the same spirit to develop Indonesians people through community. This Wednesday, September 2, will be a fun yet insightful session.

So, why don’t you register yourself?
Link: bit.ly/GI-Net_Sep2nd

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