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[WEBINAR] Gawe 4.0 – Special Edition “The Shifting Trends in Health and Lifestyle Post Pandemic”

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Current crisis actuated by Covid-19 undoubtedly brings changes for us in various aspect. Our concern for health and lifestyle is certainly no exception. The shifting trends in health and lifestyle industry do not only represent mere numbers, but indeed explains a lot about human behavior in response to inflicted changes in other areas, be it the concern for health itself, safety policy or -undoubtedly- work.

So, what has been changing? And what should we, as future knowledge workers, get aware of in order to achieve an effortlessly health and balanced lifestyle?

Representing millennials who will soon become our future leaders, Jesslyn Rahardjo knows well about what health and lifestyle industry has in store for us. Belted with bachelor degree from The George Washington University and various international experiences in journalism and mass communication, Jesslyn continues on promoting her vision to integrate local wisdom and modern practices for effortless healthy lifestyle. In 2016, she established Herbana, an all-natural brand offering a wide range of herbal products manufactured by PT. Deltomed Laboratories, Indonesia’s leading producer of herbal goods. Since 2018, Jesslyn has also become the General Manager of Lifestyle Division in PT. Deltomed Laboratories as well.

So, what does our high-achieving millennial has to say regarding the shifting trends in Health & Lifestyle 4.0? Let’s get some insightful tips & tricks right away from Jesslyn our next Gawe Special Edition Indonesian Millennial Goes Gawe.

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