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[WEBINAR] SinaU Transforming You – First Event!

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It’s very difficult to identify a truly impactful and satisfying mission until you master useful skills
— Cal Newport

And that’s why as a knowledge worker understanding what mission our career holds, exploring many skills effectively is essential. If you know ‘What’ skills you have to acquire but struggle to point out ‘How’ then this learning series is for you.

SinaU – Transforming You aims to boost your skill and comprehension in learning in order to ensure the most impactful development an individual can achieve.

And don’t miss out on experiencing:
1. Covers every essential aspects of learning; includes self-mastery, social learning, technology utilisation and as well as peer & group coaching
2. Comprehensive blended learning through 3 sessions of sequential study & 4 sessions of coaching with our trusted advisor
3. Emphasize on the learner centred & experiential focused module

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