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[WEBINAR] GI Net – Work Safety and Health after Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Germany

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After months of being struck by a global pandemic, the world has yet to rise again in the phase of New Normal. However, with the threat of Covid-19 still being present, how certain are we that our work design is resilient enough to guarantee our health and safety? ⁣

Straight from Germany, Prof. Dr. Monika Eigenstetter will be joining us as the speaker in our next event of Global Indonesian Network Series. Prof. Eigenstetter received her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Friedrich Schiller University Jena and later on pursued academic career in Niedderhein University of Applied Science where she eventually became a Professor. She has conducted numerous researches and lectures in themes of ergonomic, work design, organization culture as well as corporate ethics. For her passion and expertise in the theme of ergonomics, Prof. Eigenstetter has also been the Head of Institute for Occupational Safety, Environmental Protection, Health Promotion and Efficiency (A.U.G.E.) at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences since 2017.⁣

Our discussion is going to be moderated by Dr. phil. Juliana Murniati, senior lecturer and expert on cross-cultural psychology from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia who currently also resides in Germany for her post-doctoral research. ⁣

Join us now in discussing health and work safety in the era of New Normal, enriched with cultural perspective, with the expert from Germany. ⁣