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[WEBINAR] Gawe 4.0 – Special Edition “Transforming Future Industry with 4.0”

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Technology advancement has escalated at rapid speed, leading us to the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices. Collaborative robots and the internet of things (IoT) are invested with the intention to increase automation and transform our businesses for good. However, has your company effectively navigated automation to reduce cost and gain productivity in your business? Or is technology a mere facade for your company?

Let’s discuss and explore ways to navigate automation effectively in order to generate customer-oriented production which would also result in trusted corporate value!

Our next talk show is going to feature Frans Mandeko, B.Eng., M.Sc., an Indonesian-born millennial who completed his study in mechatronics and automation in Germany with a scholarship from KAAD (scholarship institution of German Catholic Church). In Germany, he also gained professional experiences as an engineer in international-class companies, most notably Airbus and Altran. Frans decided to return to his homeland to inspire local companies to accelerate automation in order to transform their business effectively. Currently, he has become the Business Development Manager of PT Dharma Polimetal Group, a top leading automotive company that also a subsidiary from Triputra Group.

So, what does our high-achieving millennial has to say regarding the shifting trends in Industry 4.0? Let’s get some insightful tips from Frans to transform your business in the next event of Indonesian Millennial Goes Gawe 4.0 this Saturday!

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