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[WEBINAR] GI Net – Guyub 4.0: Togetherness after Pandemic

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We are living in the physical distancing time which is vital to sustain our safety and health in the face of pandemic. On the other hand, physical distancing might also act serve as a vital challenge for our cultural inclination for ”Guyub” (harmony and relatedness).⁣

Let’s join us in exploring various approaches to accommodate our needs for togetherness without having to sacrifice our safety in the 5th event of Gi-Net Series!⁣

We are going to be accompanied by. Dr. phil. Juliana Murniati, M.Si, senior lecturer and researcher from the Faculty of Psychology- Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. Throughout her career as academician, she has been advancing in social psychology, specifically in the theme of culture & behavior, global leadership and trust-building. Having previously carried out her doctoral studies with the support from KAAD – a scholarship institution of the German Catholic Church-, she has since been become a partner for KAAD and received Bene-Merenti Award in 2018 for her commitment. She currently resides in Germany for her post-doctoral research.⁣