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Kearifan Lokal, Keunggulan Global

a series of events aiming to promote an open and interactive dialogue between the academic world and business practices. Founded in 2011 by Prof. Dr.phil. Hana Panggabean (Professor of I/O Psychology UNIKA Atma Jaya),Dr .phil Juliana Murniati, M.Si (Associate Professor Faculty of Psychology, UNIKA Atma Jaya) and Dr.phil. Hora Tjitra (Founder and Managing Director of […]

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Gawe Exclusive Package

Leading towards the reimagined flexible pattern in dealing with time, space, and people Designing effective organization, preparing organizational capabilities, and develop skill & competencies needed as a future knowledge worker Welcome to Gawe Exclusive Package The course provides you with a unique, authentic, and industry-relevant learning opportunity. The topics and sharing discussions are based on our first-hand experiences in […]

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[WEBINAR] Gawe 4.0 – Special Edition “The Future of Social Enterprise”

Entrepreneurship is usually equated merely with financial gain of the business initiator. However, in the coming years of turmoil and uncertainty accentuated by the pandemic, is it the only thing that matters? Meet Goris Mustaqim, our young entrepreneur and who is internationally recognized for his constant contribution for community development in Indonesia. Starting up as […]

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The Era of Virtual Organization and Ways to Adapting

  The worldwide health crisis that is caused by COVID-19 has been going on for almost nine months and for several countries, this pandemic hasn’t shown any sign of forthwith recovery. Making it top to 10 countries that is still severely struggling taken from both health and economic spectator, Indonesia is trying to combat the […]

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[WEBINAR] Gawe 4.0 – Special Edition “Transforming Future Industry with 4.0”

Technology advancement has escalated at rapid speed, leading us to the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices. Collaborative robots and the internet of things (IoT) are invested with the intention to increase automation and transform our businesses for good. However, has your company effectively navigated automation to reduce cost and gain productivity in your […]

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