The Era of Virtual Organization and Ways to Adapting

  The worldwide health crisis that is caused by COVID-19 has been going on for almost nine months and for several countries, this pandemic hasn’t shown any sign of forthwith recovery. Making it top to 10 countries that is still severely struggling taken from both health and economic spectator, Indonesia is trying to combat the […]

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Telkom Leadership Training: How to Lead Aspirational Change

This topic is thoroughly discussed by Dr. Bob Aubrey, MBA, Ph.D and Dr.-Phil Hora Tjitra in the fourth day of Telkom Leadership Training. This training was attended by Telkom’s leaders who are expected to be able to lead change and transform Telkom as in their vision, “Be a King in Region.” The training is divided […]

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A Method to A Better Explanation of Your Research Questions; Qualitative Method Workshop

“Quantitative research is a research with systematic methods and qualitative research often misunderstood as research that doesn’t have a method.” -Dr.-Phil. Hora Tjitra November, 26th 2019, Tjitra & associates collaborated with Bina Nusantara University School of Information System held a qualitative workshop. The speaker was Dr.-Phil. Hora Tjitra, Founder and Managing partner of Tjitra & […]

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